Requirements: Quality of
Merkle X-Lam


Features Requirements

X-Lam Si
visual quality

X-Lam nSi
 industrial quality

Sorting class
longitudinal lamellas
DIN 4074-1 sorting class S 10 TS
C 24 according to DIN 1052-2008
Finger joints longitudinal lamellas DIN 68140-1 and DIN EN 385
Structure several layers cross laminated, 3 -, 5 -, 7 -, 9-ply
Surfaces and longitudinal grooves glued with melamine resin
Surface layers: spruce, larch, douglas (combinations possible)
Cores: spruce
Timber moisture 10 - 13 +/- 2 %
Processing of the long sides Chamfered edges slightly (about 5 mm measured diagonally)
sides planed smooth
alt. both sides groove (1-way or 2-fold)
alt. 2- or 3-way tongue and groove
Processing of the ends untreated with excess, alt. cut exactly,
alt. machiend to an alternative setting
Surface Si-Si or Si-nSi
Si corresponds to AB
DIN EN 13017-1 (solid wood panels)
both sides nSi, nSi
corresponds to C
DIN EN 13017-1 (solid wood panels)
Surface condition planed cleanly planed / leveled

Scope of delivery