History - More than 100 years of experience

The roots of today's company go back to the 17th century. 1688, an oil mill was erected at the southern edge of Oberfahlheim on the bank of the river Roth. The mineral oil appearing in the 19th century increasingly rendered this branch unprofitable. This was the reason why a sawmill was built in 1884 as another business branch.

After the owners changed several times, the former sawmill 1917 became the property of the family of today's users. The sawmill was systematically expanded and modernized. Already in the 1920, a drying kiln fired with wood residues and a planing system were installed.

Today, the company is managed in the 4th generation as a pure finishing plant. With 85 highly motivated employees, more than 100.000 cubic metres of sawn timer are processed yearly. From the area around the city of Ulm in the past, the products are delivered all over Europe.