Profile planing

Our profiled beams and elements are particularly suitable for utilization in demanding solid wood constructions. In addition, we can provide our material with a variety of different profiles, such as:

  • Acoustic profile for elements.
  • Coarse and fine ribbed boards.
  • Groove and tongue.
  • Doppel-Nut-Feder.
  • Planed outside encasing with sawn surface at the sight S side.

Specifications profile planing

We produce groove and tongue profiles from spruce, douglas-fir and larch. Please see the available table for further specifications.

Specifications of groove and tongue profiles
Wood types Spruce (nordic and local), Douglas-fir, Mountain larch
Qualities nSi for purely functional buildings single-sided Si or both sides Si
Wood thickness 80 ... 140 mm with 2 tongues, 160 ... 240 mm with 3 tongues
Width any available wood width in the range 120 ... 720 mm
Tongue length 15 mm
Calculation dimension Tongue dimension (or initial dimension at special request)
Profile straight or slanted cheeks without chamfer or chamfered (4 mm or 7 mm measured across)
Tolerances Thickness +/- 1 mm, Width +/- 2 mm, Length +/- 4 mm
Shrinking and swelling dimensions per 1% change of timber moisture (must always be observed with large-surface constructions) Radial 0.19%
Tangential 0.36%
Longitudinal 0,01%
Additional options for ceiling elements Rebate 20 x 40 mm at the upper side preinstalled Rampa inserts as installation aid

Available profiles

Some variants of our profil planing:
1. KVH® double groove and tongue
2. Duo double groove and tongue
3. Trio triple groove and tongue
4. Glulam ceiling boards
5. Glulam ceiling elements