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Environmentally friendly timber processing

Solid construction timber, glued laminated timber and trimming by Merkle Holz

Our family business has worked passionately with wood for more than 100 years. Wood is regarded as a CO2-neutral building material which grows back over and over again because of a sustainable forestry as it is run in Europe. There is no healthier building material for our environment than timber. Timber is an excellent material for constructions due to the product features of solid construction timber and glued laminated timber.

Merkle Holz values a very high quality of its products. We ensure this due to years of experience in timber and using very modern machines for our timber processing. We supply timber builders, building contractors, carpenters and retailers with solid construction timber and duo/trio beams. We also do all kinds of computer-assisted trimming.

We always have an eye on environmental issues during our daily work. An environmentally friendly usage of timber and its processing is very important to us. We focus on this just as on the highest quality of our products because every consignment to our customers has to be a recommendation for further orders.

We are your right partner for timber issues – go and convince yourself.

Our range of services regarding timber


Solid construction timber: the high-tech timber

Solid construction timber, also named KVH® or solid structure wood, is refined timber with special quality features, for example dimensional accuracy when it is used. Therefore, it is very suitable for modern constructions with timber. An environmental friendly processing of KVH® is as important to Merkle Holz as keeping high production standards.

Duo- Trio Balken

Duo/trio beams

This beam laminated timber consists of two or three glued wooden elements. Their quality features are equal to those of solid construction timber and are even higher regarding dimensional accuracy and crack formation. Due to their excellent timber features duo/trio beams are especially used to build wooden buildings.


Maximum of timber with glulam

Glulam also known as glued laminated timber is a building material consisting of at least three wooden boards which are glued together. It stands out due to its extremely high load-bearing capacity. Therefore, it is especially used for timber constructions like roof trusses. We produce glued laminated timber in different quality grades.


CAD trimming

Timber work can be produced in high accuracy never reached before thanks to computer-assisted trimming. Possible errors can be reduced and costly timber elements can be produced in short time due to exact CAD planning. Our special advantage: you get timber and trimming from a single source. Hence, you save money and time.